The European Law&Tech Network was born in 2017 out of a crowdsourcing exercise, and existed until recently as a mailing list. Given the overwhelming amount of academic, commercial and media attention focused on technological developments and their impact on society, information about Internet innovations, platforms, artificial intelligence, privacy, copyright, content creation, etc. is abundent to say the least. The Network aims to provide the community with a platform where this information can be disseminated in a structured way. In 2020, this vibrant community includes over 400 researchers and practitioners from around the world.

This platform mainly hosts resources about law and technology on topics relating to research and education from and of interest to academia in a wide variety of disciplines in Europe and beyond (law, computer science, social psychology, sociology, digital ethnography, etc.). A lot of these resources, however, can be of broad interest to legal practitioners, the commercial tech sector, national and multi-national governance actors, civil society, journalists, and citizens in general. For now, our content is focused on three categories:

Publications: journal articles, working papers, blog posts, white papers, consultation comments, etc.

Events: workshops, conferences, summer/winter schools/institutes, etc.

Jobs: academic positions such as PhDs, postdocs, lecturers, professorships, etc.

In the future, as the Network contributes to the growth of a more connected community, we hope to also include possible joint funding opportunities to bridge not only different academic outlets, but also to connect university research to more societal stakeholders.

This resource is and will remain free, and is based on the voluntary work of our dedicated team.


Scholarship on law and technology is vast and ever-growing. With RSS feeds and manual curation by a team of diverse academics, this platform aims to keep those interested informed with the latest academic and policy publications.


Interested in spreading the word about your events, or finding events on specific topics? Check out/feature your own activities in the events section, where you can find conferences, workshops, webinars, programming courses and much more.

Job opportunities

The law and technology community around the world reflects a dynamic job market, where research projects thrive and coordinators are searching for new PhDs or postdocs, and universities appoint new academic staff to govern research and education in this field. Check out this section to share or get informed on all the law & tech jobs available right now.

A warm gaze from the initiators of the Network

Sofia Ranchordás (Professor, Groningen University) & Catalina Goanta (Assistant Professor, Maastricht University)