In 2019, 500 hours of content were uploaded on Youtube every minute, most of it generated by regular people who share content for a living (content creators). To actually make a living out of content creation, Youtubers, just as streamers and bloggers from any other platform, need to rely on opaque business models which a vast majority of them have little to no control over. Platforms manage influencer content, and provide them with options for monetization; companies pay them to engage audiences with their goods and services; followers want them to create a constant stream of entertaining and enjoyable content – the interplay between these interests, and the tensions they give rise to are at the core of the recent volume edited by Catalina Goanta and Sofia Ranchordás on ‘The Regulation of Social Media Influencers’. This is the first book on the regulation of social media influencers, that brings together legal, economic and ethical angles to further unveil the implications of influencer marketing. The Covid-19 crisis heavily disrupted influencer activity. On the one hand, certain industries (e.g. household appliances) saw a rise in digital marketing, whereas others (e.g. tourism) were completely halted. In the midst of the pandemic, influencers became vessels of information on global health, established platforms for collecting emergency funds, and even filmed themselves at recent social justice rallies taking place around the world. To discuss the socio-legal implications of these developments, the book editors are joined online by the authors who contributed to the volume, in a 2-episode webinar dedicated to the publication of the book.   

Episode 1: The private governance of influencers and content creators

30 June, Zoom, 15:00-16:30                

Hosts: Catalina Goanta & Jerry Spanakis

Participants: Rossana Ducato, David Mangan, Felix Pflucke, Isabelle Wildhaber

Episode 2: Influencers and public interest

13 July, Zoom, 15:00-16:30        

Hosts:             Sofia Ranchordás & Giovanni de Gregorio

Participants: Marijke de Veirman, Isabel Ebert, Christian Fieseler, Simone van der Hof, Monika Leszczinska